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Product Recovery Systems: Wet Material Applications

Increase Material Recovery, Gain Sustainability Points

Processing and packaging operations are often forced to dispose of, or destroy, off-spec, mis-labeled, overrun, or otherwise unsalable wet product and its packaging, because the labor re-allocation, plant and product contamination risks, minimal product recovery, and facility cleanup costs associated with manual recovery efforts are too great. NBE ProductSaver® wet packaged product recovery systems ensure the controlled removal from the package of free-flowing, or flow-resistant, wet contents, and the complete separation of the contents from the packaging material. The packaged wet contents are reclaimed for proper handling, the packaging material is recovered for recycling, labor remains on-task, product safety is protected, and process sustainability values are increased.

Reclaim more of your packaged wet product, recover every bit of your product’s packaging material; repeat these results hundreds, or thousands of times per year and the high-efficiency, compression screw press design of the NBE ProductSaver wet packaged product recovery system will quickly make significant contribution to your total process performance. Engineered to integrate with automated processing and packaging operations, or designed to run as a self-contained system, the NBE ProductSaver wet material reclamation system turns recovery into reward.

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Wet Packaged Product Recovery Applications

Wet Packaged Product Recovery Applications

Regardless of the packaging material, regardless of the packaged wet contents; from a short batch run of the smallest poly-tubes to a high-volume run of gallon jugs, NBE ProductSaver® wet material reclamation systems provide automated separation and recovery of free-flowing, or flow-resistant wet contents and its packaging for proper re-use, recycling, or disposal. ProductSaver wet product recovery applications experience includes packaging types and materials, such as:

  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) jugs
  • Gabletop, coated paperboard cartons
  • PET bottles
  • Aseptic cartons
  • Wax-coated papers
  • Polypropylene (PP) dairy containers
  • Aluminum cans
  • (PP) Portion cups
  • Poly-based tubes
  • Roll stock packs
  • Foil laminate pouches
  • Dissolvable film packets
  • Ampoules
  • And, many more