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Product Recovery Systems: Dry Material Applications

Reduce Material Loss, Improve Sustainability & OEE

Material loss reduction is no longer an issue exclusive to just those processors handling controlled or sensitive materials, or to those precision-metered, upstream dispensing operations. Dry material processing and packaging operations, led by proactive operations, production, procurement, and sustainability personnel, have recognized the recovery of process materials and packaging, once considered loss, is a key principle in achieving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

NBE ProductSaver product recovery systems for dry packaged material reclamation will immediately contribute to reducing process-wide material loss, while also improving labor efficiency and providing positive data for supporting OEE and sustainability scoring initiatives.

The NBE line of ProductSaver dry product and packaging recovery systems can integrate to legacy processing or packaging operations to automatically reclaim off-spec, mis-labeled, unsafe, overrun, or otherwise unsalable, production. ProductSaver systems can also function as portable units to address material loss or packaging waste situations on a periodic basis.

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Product & Packaging Recovery Values

Product and Packaging Recovery Values
  • Material Recovery Values:
    Those values associated with the reduction, or elimination of costs related to packaged contents material loss, such as: replacement raw material, waste treatment, or redress. These values may also include costs recovered from resale of reclaimed material.
  • Labor Recovery Values:
    Those values associated with the reduction, or elimination of costs related to labor assignment, such as: allocation of labor to off-line recovery operations, overtime or contractor costs for recovery operations, or accident or injury events from manual recovery procedures.
  • Landfill Cost Recovery Values:
    Those values associated with the reduction, or elimination of costs related to material disposal, such as: landfill fees and cartage, loss of energy recovery or re-use offsets, and, depending on the material, possible surcharges and fines.
  • Sustainable Contribution Values:
    Those values associated with the identification and year-to-year improvement of sustainability metrics, such as: reduced energy usage, reduced material waste volume, and risk assessment compliance.

NBE ProductSaver material reclamation systems provide in-use performance advantages across four primary recovery value areas. While the recovery value from each area can be considerable on its own, the cumulative recovery values of all four areas, repeated throughout multiple recovery events, can produce significant, quantifiable performance advantages that reach beyond a single process operation and extend into enterprise-wide performance measures.