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Bag Emptying Systems: Material Infeed Applications

Automate Bag Emptying, Protect Product & Personnel

The performance of each downstream process operation, to the absolute, final end-of-line function, is dependent upon efficient, reliable material infeed for their successful execution. Whether emptying a few bags per hour, or when emptying 1,200 bags per hour, NBE ProductSaver® automated bag emptying systems provide total process efficiency. In addition to delivering optimal material infeed volume, ProductSaver automated bag emptying systems improve operator safety by eliminating their use of razor knives, reducing repetitive motion conditions, and preventing material dust from migrating throughout the facility. In-fed product safety is also made possible with the integrated rotary separator that screens the bag's contents and prevents bag material and other contaminants from entering the product stream.

Beyond the minimum function of common, mechanical bag emptying equipment, the NBE ProductSaver line of automatic bag emptying systems is designed with Forward Thinking: looking upstream and downstream, evaluating every process influence and its possible effect on the application, including the equipment, the material, the operator, and the surrounding facility. From integrated automation that protects operators and reduces labor requirements, to separation technologies that ensure 99.95% of bag contents reach production and in-fed product is contaminant-free; NBE ProductSaver automated bag emptying systems provide Real Results: ensuring that your operation is running at optimal uptime availability.

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Improve Material
Infeed Efficiency

ProductSaver Material Infeed Efficiency
  • Material Infeed Cost & Resource Consumption:
    Factors contributing to reduced infeed costs and resource consumption may include: reallocating or reducing labor resources, reduction of process material loss, increased energy efficiency, and improved risk assessment response.
  • Material Infeed & Downstream Process Performance:
    Factors contributing to improved infeed and downstream performance may include: automated reliability of infeed volume, consistent and repeatable batching, reduction of offline rework, and improved product safety.

Nowhere is the relationship between material infeed efficiency and downstream process performance more interdependent than in the highly automated and synchronized production environments of today’s processing and packaging operations. Yet, often unknown or ignored in these operations are the process costs and resources needlessly consumed by inefficient material infeed systems. Only when downstream process operations are repeatedly compromised by infeed inefficiencies will the attention turn upstream to find fault. NBE ProductSaver bag emptying systems remove unnecessary infeed costs and manage process resources to provide reliable, repeatable, and highly efficient material infeed. Immediately upon start-up, and during sequential production events, NBE ProductSaver bag emptying systems will ensure maximum end-of-line process performance is attained without interruption, material waste, or unnecessary labor allocation.