Scrutiny of the costs and causes of material loss, together with sustainability initiatives, have identified as a priority, the efficient reclamation of packaged material and packaging that may be off-spec, mis-labeled, or for other reasons, unsalable. NBE ProductSaver® packaged material reclamation systems reduce material loss, improve labor efficiency, and aid sustainability initiatives. NBE ProductSaver® packaged material reclamation systems ensure the controlled removal from packaging of free-flowing, or flow-resistant, wet contents, and complete separation of contents from the packaging. Contents are reclaimed for proper handling, packaging is recovered for recycling, labor remains on-task, product safety is protected, and process sustainability values are increased. The performance of downstream process operations, to the final end-of-line function, are dependent upon efficient, reliable material in-feed for their successful execution. If emptying a few bags per hour, or emptying 1,200 bags per hour, NBE ProductSaver® automated bag emptying systems provide total process efficiency; ensuring optimal material in-feed volume, improving safety, and protecting product from contaminants.
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Identifying Material Reclaim Opportunities Increasing Material Reclaim & Recovery Values Improving Material In-feed Efficiency
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