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Batch Weighing: Weigh Conveyors

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Batch Weighing Conveyor

NBE batch weighing systems are integrated into dry bulk material processing operations to ensure accurate, reliable, and repeatable material delivery in bag and container filling and discharging, and material conveyance applications. NBE dry material batch weighing systems immediately contribute to processing efficiencies by reducing material waste, optimizing line speed and capacity, and helping to provide a safe operator work environment.

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Features & Integration Guide

Batch Weighing, Weigh Conveyors:
NBE NTEP-certified weigh systems provide valid, accurate, and repeatable weighing. Load cells are mounted to the lower framework, and are isolated to lengthen load cell life. The bag or container is completely supported by the weigh deck during the final filling phase. This design also provides the flexibility to accurately fill drums and other rigid containers with the fill station.

> Batch Weighing: Weigh Conveyors

Batch Weighing: Weigh Conveyors

NBE batch weighing systems integrate into dry bulk material conveying operations to provide accurate, repeatable, reliable weighing.

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