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Loss-in-Weight: Bulk Bag Discharging

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Loss-in-Weight Bulk Bag Discharging System
Batch Weighing Bulk Bag Discharger

NBE batch weighing systems are integrated into dry bulk material processing operations to ensure accurate, reliable, and repeatable material delivery in bag filling, bag discharging, and material conveyance applications. NBE dry material batch weighing systems immediately contribute to processing efficiencies by reducing material waste, optimizing line speed and capacity, and helping to provide a safe operator work environment.

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Loss-in-Weight: Bulk Bag Discharging
NBE bulk bag discharging systems provide precision batched material to downstream processes to ensure accurate, repeatable supply; regardless of material characteristics. Integrated loss-in-weight load cells transmit information to a central, programmable controller. The material discharge rate is metered from high volume, to dribble, to exact batch weight (plus/minus 0.5%). NBE batch discharge systems can link to downstream inputs to dispense material supply based on total line capacity and output.

> Loss-in-Weight: Bulk Bag Discharging

Loss-in-Weight: Bulk Bag Discharging

A range of completely integrated scale systems are available in loss-in-weight configurations. Most designs incorporate adjustable load cell mounts that can be easily trimmed for the best overall scale performance. Additionally, the load cells are mounted in a manner that does not weigh the entire machine. This results in increased scale accuracy as the load cells transmit weight loss information to the digital scale controller mounted to the main control enclosure.

Loss-in-Weight Bulk Bag Discharger