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Precision Production. Exceptional Performance.

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Ensuring System Start-up Confidence with ISO-certified Production and UL Listed Controls Design and Construction

Material Introduction, Processing and Packaging
P&ID documentation and system start-up expertise ensure immediate process optimization. MRP systems enable accurate and immediate information transfer between 3-D modeling, engineering, and manufacturing departments.

Every dry bulk material handling unit and automated material processing system produced by NBE represents decades of engineering expertise and is the outcome of a technologically advanced manufacturing operation. MRP systems enable accurate and immediate information transfer between NBE 3-D modeling, engineering, and manufacturing departments. And, NBE ISO 9001:2008-certified production procedures ensure productive factory acceptance testing, streamlined start-up, and immediate line performance optimization.

Single-source Design, Engineering and Manufacturing

Precision Production, Exceptional Performance
Multiple, large-scale factory acceptance testing areas enable complete, pre-install set-up, operation and customer evaluation of equipment and automation prior to shipment.

Total accountability: from concept to completion. No best-guess design plans. No outsourced fabrication. No contract installers. No third-party service support. NBE material handling equipment and process systems are designed, engineered, and produced in-house, by NBE. This vertically integrated engineering and production environment enables NBE to manufacture equipment and systems to exceptional quality standards, within strict productions schedules.

NBE operations cover over 70,000 square feet, including R&D and testing facilities where fully operational, fully integrated bulk discharging, filling, mixing, conveyance, and automation systems are run to replicate actual in-use customer applications and environments. NBE operations also include a stand-alone, enclosed environment exclusively for the design and construction of UL listed controls for NBE equipment and systems.

Precision Production. Exceptional Performance.

Precision Cutting
Integrated, in-house manufacturing systems include MRP-linked laser tables to ensure highly accurate sheet and plate cutting for tight fit and quality finish.

The performance-proven construction of NBE equipment is fully leveraged when integrated with UL listed controls and automation designed and built by NBE. NBE custom panel configurations include 508 or Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups A-D, F and G, NEMA 12 enclosures with Type X purge. For optimal performance, automated operations, including those of legacy systems, are centralized to a single, menu-driven HMI.