There are degrees, or relative levels of effectiveness among the various sanitary-compliant bulk material handling equipment designs in the marketplace. These design differences, while sometimes subtle in appearance, can be significant in their ability to aid in compliance contribution. Optimal compliance contribution (OCC) is attained by those application-specific, sanitary bulk material handling systems that provide the most reliable and repeatable compliance performance, require the lowest total level of resource consumption, and work to ensure the highest confidence in product safety.

A Certified Microbial Consultant’s Perspective on OCC

It could be argued that no one more thoroughly assesses sanitary processing and packaging machinery from a sanitation validation perspective than a certified microbial consultant (CMC). This unique insight has revealed to one particular CMC the true value and benefit of equipment designed for OCC. This CMC has chosen to share his perspectives with the industry through a series of video commentaries.

Optimal Compliance Contribution (OCC) Commentary Video Series

This series of CMC video commentaries explores when OCC should be considered and how to develop OCC specifications for sanitary bulk material processing and packaging systems.

Sanitary Process Equipment Design

An overview of several market-based influences driving the necessity for sanitary-specific equipment design. (2:36)

Optimal Compliance Contribution (OCC)

An introduction to principles of Optimal Compliance Contribution and the advantages OCC brings to production operations. (1:06)

Materials of Construction in Sanitary Process Equipment

See sanitary processing and packaging equipment, built to OCC standards, using proper materials of construction. (2:10)

Product Safety in Sanitary Process Equipment

View methods of contaminant abatement essential to product safety and inherent in OCC equipment design. (2:46)

Equipment Cleanability in Sanitary Process Applications

See machine examples of OCC sanitary equipment design reducing the cost and complexity of machine cleanability. (2:54)

Equipment Accessibility in Sanitary Process Applications

OCC design features that improve safe access to guarded and enclosed areas; such as hydraulics and discharge systems. (2:36)

Ensure Optimal Compliance Contribution (OCC) with Process-specific, Sanitary Bulk Material Handling Systems.

  • Bulk Bag Fillers
  • Bulk Bag Unloaders
  • Bulk Tote Dumpers
  • Bag Dump Stations

Avoid the doubt and downtime common with force-fit, general industrial equipment. NBE process-specific, sanitary bulk material handling systems are designed and built to the particular regulatory process and practice requirements of each application to ensure optimal compliance contribution (OCC). Find out more about NBE sanitary bulk material handling systems.

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