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Integral Bulk Bag Conditioning Components Deliver up to 30% Increase in Completed Bulk Bag Discharging Cycles per 8 hour Shift.

Bulk Bag ConditioningHOLLAND, Michigan – National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE) announces a line of bulk bag conditioning components designed to integrate directly into new NBE bulk bag dischargers. NBE fully-integrated bulk bag conditioning speeds the completion of bulk bag loading, conditioning, discharging, and unloading cycles by up to 25% when compared to the same cycle of loading and unloading a free-standing conditioner, then loading and unloading a separate bulk bag unloader. When factored over an 8-hour shift, this reduction in cycle times can increase the number of bulk bag load-to-unload cycles by up to 30%.

NBE integral bulk bag conditioning components include deblocking rams to break up and reduce solidified bulk material for discharge, and massage paddles to ensure an even and consistently conditioned supply of material downstream. These components can be individually designed into NBE bulk bag dischargers, or integrated together to provide efficient flow control for even the most difficult solidified material. Other NBE accessories, such as bag loop retractors and spout lump deblockers can also be designed into NBE bulk bag dischargers to further reduce bag cycle times, increase operator safety, and improve total line operation.

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