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Material Introduction, Processing & Packaging:
Accurate, Dependable, Automated

Material Introduction, Processing and Packaging
From automated bulk material processing systems to single bulk material handling units, NBE Forward Thinking will ensure trouble-free system start-up and reliable, on-going performance.

Every NBE dry bulk material handling system installation begins with Forward Thinking: looking upstream and downstream, evaluating every process influence and its possible effect on the application; from the equipment, to the material, to the operator, and the surrounding facility.

With over 15,000 installations worldwide, NBE bulk material processing systems have proven their ability to maximize process capacity and improve total line performance. The full line of NBE material handling equipment and automated processing systems includes: bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag fillers, container dischargers, container fillers, conveyance systems, storage, mixing and blending, NTEP-certified weigh systems, and automation control design and manufacturing. Look ahead to NBE. Look to Forward Thinking.

Integrated Automation:
Total Process Control, Total Process Optimization

Plant safety, competitive pressures, compliance issues, customer requirements, process complexities, equipment effectiveness; each of these factors make automated process operations a necessity. NBE integrated automation brings system-wide process control, communication, sensing, monitoring, and reporting together into a single, menu-driven, touch-screen HMI. High-speed Ethernet communications deliver information between NBE equipment and legacy systems to UL listed panels designed and built by NBE. NBE integrated automation pushes control functionality farther out, and deeper into equipment operations to optimize total line throughput and deliver a standard, system-wide, data report from the control layer. Broader controls functionality and increased data reporting improve resource management, reduce operating burden, and extend equipment lifecycles.

NBE Operator Efficiency Optimization
Operator Efficiency Optimization
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NBE automated bulk container filling systems are proven to increase line performance and reduce operating costs by improving labor efficiency and safety. NBE automation of manual process operations in legacy systems eliminates potentially dangerous operator interaction with equipment and reduces total operator involvement, per fill cycle, by over 30%.
NBE Process Cycle Time Optimization
Cycle Time Optimization
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NBE automated bulk bag discharging systems are proven to reduce individual bag conditioning cycle times by 25% when compared to free-standing bag conditioners. Factored over an 8-hour shift, NBE automated bag dischargers can increase total bulk bag load-to-unload cycles by over 30%.

Work Center Safety:
Protecting People, Product & Productivity

Operator SafetyThere are common priorities in workplace safety -- but not common boundaries. NBE work center safety goes beyond the common, beyond the ordinary, to ensure NBE bulk material handling systems protect the people, product, and productivity of our customers. Rigorous NBE risk assessment procedures work to prevent operator hazards while improving physical ergonomics. NBE expertise in domestic and international regulatory matters protects shop personnel, and raw material, from potentially harmful contaminants. And, being certified by multiple governmental and third party standards organizations, NBE design and manufacturing processes provide the assurance of performance-proven construction, streamlined start-up, and advanced productivity.