NBE, Inc.
  • Sanitary Bulk Material Handling

    Optimal Compliance Contribution:
    Defining the Value of Sanitary Equipment Design

    This series of CMC video commentaries explores when OCC should be considered and how to develop OCC specifications for sanitary bulk material processing and packaging systems.

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  • Packaged Product Recovery

    Packaged Product Recovery:
    Reduce Material Loss. Target Zero Waste.

    Identify material reclaim opportunities. Increase recovery values. Improve material in-feed efficiency. Strengthen sustainability scoring data.

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NBE designs, engineers, and manufactures bulk material handling and packaged product recovery equipment and fully integrated, automatic material handling and product recovery systems. NBE systems deliver maximum processing capacity and optimal line speed and productivity to bulk material packaging and processing operations around the globe.

NBE offers material handling and product recovery equipment and automated bulk material packaging and processing systems to discharge, store, convey, fill, mix, weigh, and recover dry bulk materials in production and processing operations. With over 15,000 installations worldwide, NBE integrated systems have handled thousands of dry bulk materials of virtually every material density, size, and characteristic, including: sluggish, non free-flowing material; friable material, very free-flowing material, high dusting material, dissimilar blends, and materials that are sanitary, combustible, hazardous, abrasive, or highly contaminable.

NBE material handling and product recovery equipment and automatic bulk material processing and packaging systems include bulk bag dischargers or unloaders; bulk bag fillers; tote, drum, bin, gaylord box, or other container dischargers or dumpers; bulk material mixing or blending systems; agitator hoppers and other storage hoppers and bins; dry and wet packaged product recovery systems; automated bag emptying systems; screw conveyors and a full line of pneumatic material conveying systems, components and accessories. In addition to a full line of bulk material handling and product recovery equipment, NBE specializes in building each of these product categories to process-specific, sanitary requirements; ensuring that each sanitary bulk material handling or packaged product recovery system provides optimal compliance contribution (OCC). NBE systems are supported with UL listed controls, designed and built by NBE, and NTEP-certified weigh systems to provide validated, accurate, and repeatable downstream material supply.